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In today's fast-paced banking industry, leaders of banks and thrifts must constantly review their strategic focus and develop programs that will enable them to reach their short and long-term organizational objectives.  O&Co's industry knowledge can assist a bank or thrift in adapting to marketplace, regulatory and legislative changes.  O&Co's senior personnel have ongoing contact with regulators, legislators, banking leaders, lenders, borrowers, depositors, investors, lobbyists, community groups and all the countless "parties at interest" in the modern banking world.  We are regularly asked for our opinion on industry direction by media representatives; we appear routinely before seminar and industry groups to discuss industry strategy and to comment on legislative and regulatory developments.

Strategic Plan Development 

O&Co often assists banking companies and thrift institutions in the preparation, and execution of strategic plans.  This Plan provides the conceptual framework for an institution's longer-term objectives.  The plan will generally address an institution's corporate mission, its anticipated niche in its marketplace, its growth and expansion plans, its overall strengths and weaknesses, and any constraints (i.e. financial, operational, geographical) which may impact longer-term objectives. 

Acquisition Strategy Development 

O&Co has developed an acquisition strategy for an institution.  Such a strategy would focus on identification of appropriate geographic markets and identification of target institutions within those markets.  O&Co will also prepare an analysis of condition and "attitude" of target institutions, including an assessment of the financial implications of combining with target institutions.  O&Co also provides assistance, where desired, in conducting the approach and negotiations. 

Business and Capital Plan Development 

O&Co will counsel on the specific products, services and investment decisions involved in the implementation of the Business Plan, often including three-to five-year financial forecasts that incorporate the impact of plan actions on the institution.  No present day bank or thrift can function in this competitive environment without a solid, current Business Plan as a foundation for all decisions.
Organizational Evaluation and Management Review 

O&Co conducts management reviews that include the evaluation of a bank's or thrift's organizational structure, including the role of the institution's Board of Directors or Trustees.  Such reviews are sometimes performed in connection with the requirements of a regulatory enforcement action or order.  These reviews assess the qualifications and effectiveness of all senior officers and set forth recommendations on appropriate management responsibilities and reporting lines.  A related segment of our work in this area involves appropriate executive compensation levels, which would include a review and analysis of peer compensation benefits levels.